Tolerance Management

Tolerance Management

Highest production quality and component positioning to the point

WITOL tolerance compensation systems enable precise gap dimensions between adjacent components and contribute to a very high quality appearance in the end product. The intelligent fastening solutions allow a tension-free component connection and can be developed and produced individually for the respective application.

Using WITOLs allows for the blind compensation of tolerances with millimeter accuracy, for example, when mounting the module cross beam or the roof rails. Deviations at the screw points with tolerances are reliably compensated, which leads to an optimization of the entire production process.

WITOL product quality

Effective tolerance management

With foresighted tolerance management and the targeted use of WITOLs, components can be tolerated even more generously during the planning phase. The summed-up tolerance chains are then eliminated by the WITOL at the critical joining point and guarantee a torsion-resistant screw connection.

Reliability & process safety

WITOLs offer high process reliability. They allow a robust installation independent of the worker and with constant quality. This avoids costly rework and noticeably increases the performance of your production processes and technical applications.

Optimized production times

WITOL tolerance compensation systems simplify the assembly process even in complex installation situations, can be pre-assembled on the unit and guarantee high precision with optimized cycle times. This avoids time-consuming corrective measures on the component and measurably increases the cycle frequency of the entire production. WITOL tolerance compensation systems also effectively support robot assembly.

WITOL tolerance management