Highly efficient and cost-optimized leveling element

For simple leveling we have developed the WITOL Pure. The proven WITOL operating principle has been further simplified by reducing the number of components, resulting in the WITOL Pure – concentrated on the essentials and highly efficient. The WITOL Pure is a cost-optimized compensating element with an integrated steel nut and is used when components are to be positioned positively to each other. The flange nut used is a widely used and proven standard part and is therefore highly compatible.


Weight advantages due to plastic components

The WITOL Pure is deliberately designed for the pure balancing function, which in turn increases the functional reliability. The use of plastic and the reduced number of components also result in a weight advantage without having to forego the proven WITOL principle: Mechanical clamping is ensured via screw and nut. In addition, the plastic component provides a high degree of design flexibility.

Benefits overview

WITOL Pure Tolerance Compensation Solution

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Your individual project – our innovative solution!

With WITOL Individual, you receive a fastening solution that is 100 percent customized to your application and interface. We realize your project from the initial concept to serial production. In doing so, we precisely implement your specifications and develop custom-made special solutions for you. In doing so, you benefit from our years of experience and expertise in the field of tolerance compensation systems.

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Where is the WITOL Pure used?
Application examples.


The fixation of headlights and taillights requires the highest precision. WITOL Pure adjustment elements enable exact alignment of the components.

Tolerance compensation for light & vision

Displays are very sensitive and must be precisely fixed in the vehicle interior. WITOL Pure elements ensure safe and tension-free mounting of the sensitive components.

Tolerance compensation for displays

By using WITOLs, the HVAC unit is firmly and stress-free connected to the dashboard and tolerances between the two components are compensated with millimeter precision.

Tolerance compensation for the HVAC unit

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