Frontend – mounting on the body

A frontend module can be attached to the body in the final assembly with a few simple steps. The frontend module is positioned on the front of the vehicle and then bolted by the handling device. This creates undefined tolerances between the two components, which can be compensated quickly and ideally with the help of WITOLs. By using the WITOL tolerance compensation systems, the front end is fixed to the body with an optimal gap. The installation, adjustment and readjustment of the front end is solved easily and precisely by using WITOLs.

Precise readjustment through individual adjustment elements

In some cases, it is necessary to adjust the position of the frontend after screwing it. Various adjustment elements can be used to individually readjust the alignment of the components. The components are connected flush, free of tension and deformation. This results in an ideal alignment of all components with a perfect joint pattern.

WITOL frontend fixation

Application examples

WITOL frontend detail