WITOL® Product Overview

Always the right solution with WITOL.

WITOLs are suitable for almost any component connection and meet the distinct quality requirements of the automotive industry. With the wide range of variants and individual solutions, you get the optimum tolerance compensation system for your application.

WITOL® Individual

Your individual project – our innovative solution!

With WITOL Individual, you receive a fastening solution that is 100 percent customized to your application and interface. We realize your project from the initial concept to series production. In doing so, we precisely implement your specifications and develop custom-made special solutions for you. You benefit from our many years of experience and expertise in the field of tolerance compensation systems.

WITOl basic

WITOL® Modular

Tolerance compensation systems based on the modular principle

With WITOL Modular, you can easily compile your own fastening solution using our modular principle. In our configurator, you compile the parameters according to your requirements so that you can realize the ideal solution for your project. WITOL Modular is the optimal tolerance compensation system – economical even for exclusive quantities. Your WITOL Modular is particularly characterized by the following advantages:

  • Comprehensive range of variants
  • High functionality
  • Fast parts availability
  • Elimination of development time
  • No investment in tooling costs


WITOL modular

WITOL® Basic

Proven solutions with high functionality

Choose a freely available WITOL from our existing product range that perfectly fits your requirements. By selecting an existing fastening solution, development costs are eliminated, making even the implementation of exclusive quantities economical.

The WITOL Basic is particularly characterized by the following advantages:

  • Selected product portfolio
  • Proven functionality
  • Direct parts availability
  • Elimination of development time
  • No investment in tooling costs

WITOL® Adjust

The adjustment element for maximum flexibility even after screwing

With the WITOL Adjust setting elements, you have maximum flexibility in assembling individual components. The pre-set WITOL Adjust is pre-mounted on your component or the car body using individual connection concepts. Subsequently, you can align your component at the installation location and screw it as usual.

In addition to radial compensation during the bolting process, WITOL Adjust adjustment elements offer the possibility of subsequently adjusting an end position axially – by manual adjustment. For this procedure, the screw connection does not have to be loosened again and therefore has no influence on the preload forces in the system. A self-locking thread geometry prevents unintentional adjustment of the components and requires no additional fixing after the end position has been reached.

Especially in complex installation situations, where several attachment parts meet, WITOL Adjust adjustment elements offer the optimal solution to bring the gap course to the perfect final dimension even after screwing. In addition, fine adjustment is possible, which cannot be achieved with classic fasteners:

  • Optimal gap progression even after bolting
  • Simplified assembly process even for complex installation situations
  • High precision with optimized cycle times
  • Manual adjustment without influencing the pretensioning forces

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WITOL flush door handles

WITOL® Lightweight

Our solution for lightweight design

WITOL Lightweight are always used when weight is a particularly critical factor. They are ideally suited for use with defined pretensioning forces in assembly.

This lightweight design of the tolerance compensation systems offers decisive advantages for the optimized manufacturing process: Due to the product design, the fastening solutions are largely to completely made of high-strength and heat-resistant special plastics, which makes the weight even lighter compared to other materials and solutions. WITOL Lightweight can be equipped with individual shaping and integration of special functions according to customer requirements and thus be adapted exactly to your application.

  • Low weight
  • Made of high-strength and heat-resistant special plastics
  • Individually adaptable to the production process

WITOL® eSolutions

Efficient tolerance compensation systems for eMobility

We already have the solutions for tomorrow’s automobiles. With our fastening systems, a proven technology will find application in the next generations of vehicles.

The connection of high-voltage storage units in electric vehicles, digital displays, flush-mounted exterior door handles or sensor technology for autonomous driving – whatever the future holds: WITOL develops innovative solutions for the automotive world of tomorrow.

WITOLs are your efficient and safe solution for fastening systems in vehicles of the next generation. Exceptional requirements call for innovative ideas – we work with you to develop the optimum solution for every application and every location in the vehicle!


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WITOL battery fixation

WITOL® Connect

Innovative fastening solution for small installation space or for pre-positioning

The WITOL Connect is a tolerance compensation element that is used for particularly small installation space requirements. The central product component is a center collar bolt with a thread on both sides (right/left) which is screwed into the threaded insert with the Liks thread. This insert can then be used in a luminaire module, for example. The WITOL Connect is driven by tightening a nut and automatically compensates for distances between components.

Another application of WITOL Connect is the pre-positioning of larger modules. For this purpose, previously screwed-in bolts are pushed into the WITOL Connect locking inserts and locked in the desired position. The fact that the insertion forces are significantly lower than the necessary extraction forces significantly simplifies handling during assembly.


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witol rear lamp fixation
WITOL Surface

WITOL® Surface

Highly integrative fastening solutions with maximum process reliability

If a constant and flat distance between the surface and the screw-on part is required, the highly integrative WITOL Surface is used. This is made possible by the innovative relocation of the functional area to the interior of the component structure.

The WITOL Surface proves to be extremely process-safe over the complete range of application and is characterized by easy handling. Depending on the application, it may be necessary to keep the joining forces of the WITOL as low as possible for ergonomic reasons. This also enables overhead and one-hand assembly in compliance with occupational health and safety regulations.



Highly efficient and cost-optimized compensation element

For simple leveling – we have developed the WITOL Pure. The proven WITOL operating principle has been further simplified by reducing the number of components. The WITOL Pure is a cost-optimized compensating element made of plastic with an integrated steel nut and is used when components are to be positioned positively to each other. The flange nut used is a widely used and proven standard part and is therefore highly compatible.

The WITOL Pure is deliberately designed for the pure compensating function, which in turn increases the functional reliability. The use of plastic and the reduced number of components also result in a weight advantage.