WITOL Adjust

The adjusting element for maximum flexibility in the screwed state

With the WITOL Adjust setting elements you have maximum flexibility in the assembly of individual components. The pre-set WITOL Adjust is pre-assembled on your component or the car body by individual connection concepts. Afterwards, you can align your component at the installation site and screw it as usual.

WITOL Adjust adjustment elements offer, in addition to the radial compensation during the bolting process, the possibility to adjust an end position axially afterwardsby manual adjustment. For this process, the screw connection does not have to be loosened again and therefore has no influence on the preload forces in the system. A self-locking thread geometry prevents unintentional adjustment of the components and requires no additional fixing after the end position has been reached.

WITOL adjust Toleranzausgleich

Ideal for complex connections

Especially in demanding installation situations, where several attachments meet, WITOL Adjust adjusting elements offer the optimal solution to bring the gap to the perfect final dimension even after screwing. In addition, fine adjustment is possible, which cannot be achieved with classic fasteners:

  • Optimum gap progression can also be adjusted after screwing.
  • Simplified assembly process even for complex installation situations
  • High precision with optimized cycle times
  • Manual adjustment without influencing the preload forces

Benefits overview


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WITOL tolerance compensation elements

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Your individual project – our innovative solution!

With WITOL Individual, you receive a fastening solution that is 100 percent customized to your application and interface. We realize your project from the initial concept to series production. In doing so, we precisely implement your specifications and develop custom-made special solutions for you. In doing so, you benefit from our years of experience and expertise in the field of tolerance compensation systems.

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Where is the WITOL Adjust used?
Application examples.


The fixing of headlights and taillights requires the highest precision. WITOL Adjust setting elements enable exact alignment of the components.

Tolerance compansation on Light & Vision

By using the WITOLe, the front end is fixed to the body with optimal gap alignment. With the WITOL Adjust, the front end can be subsequently adjusted.

Tolerance compansation on the front end

Door handles make a decisive contribution to the quality perception of the vehicle. Tolerances can be compensated by WITOLE especially for flush door handles.

Tolerance compansation on the door module

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