WITOL Modular

Tolerance compensation systems according to the modular principle

With WITOL Modular, you can easily put together your own fastening solution using our modular principle. In our configurator you put together the parameters according to your requirements so that you can realize the ideal solution for your project. Our modular system includes the most compatible connection options. Thus, for the realization of your project, you can choose classic clip connection with legs inwards or outwards as well as snap nuts.

The advantages of WITOL Modular at a glance:
  • Extensive range of variants
  • High functionality
  • Elimination of development times
  • Fast availability of parts
  • No investment in tooling costs
  • Suitable as prototype

Fast availability & cost efficiency: WITOL Modular as prototype

You can configure the WITOL Modular entirely according to your project requirements. It is the optimal tolerance compensation system, because the elimination of development costs makes it economical even for exclusive quantities. This also makes it attractive as an initial prototype.
The components offer many different standard options with the most common connection possibilities, which are available in a short time. On this basis, individual solutions can then be further developed, adapted to your project by our development experts, so that you get the perfect connectivity solution for your project.

 Benefits overview

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Where is the WITOL Modular used?
Application examples.


The fixation of headlights and taillights requires the highest precision. With the WITOL Modular, unclean edges on the components to be joined are systematically avoided, cycle times are optimized and assembly processes are simplified even in complex installation situations.

Tolerance compensation for light & vision

The special challenge in the assembly of module cross beams is the bolting of the two components as blind assembly. The use of WITOL Modular ensures precise assembly and reliably compensates for deviations at the screw points subject to tolerances.

Tolerance compensation for cross car beam

Spoilers and other add-on parts must be precisely fastened to the body to ensure a high-quality overall appearance of the vehicle. WITOL Modular can be used to compensate for tolerances, which can have a significant impact on aerodynamics and acoustics in addition to appearance.

Tolerance compensation for exterior parts

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With WITOL Individual, you receive a fastening solution that is 100 percent customized to your application and interface. We realize your project from the initial concept to series production. In doing so, we precisely implement your specifications and develop custom-made special solutions for you. In doing so, you benefit from our years of experience and expertise in the field of tolerance compensation systems.

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