Exterior Parts

Precise assembly of various exterior parts

Tolerance compensation for body attachments is a challenge for assembly due to the size and complex geometry of the various components. Bumpers, spoilers and other attachments must be precisely fastened to the body to ensure a high-quality overall appearance of the vehicle. Tolerances easily arise at the screw points of the large components, which can have a significant impact on aerodynamics and acoustics in addition to appearance.

With the aid of our tolerance compensation systems, attachments can be firmly connected to the entire body. They allow bending- and deformation-free assembly and precise placement. By using the WITOLs, body elements are fixed with millimeter precision and, in addition, the cycle time in production is reduced.

Fixation of Car Components

Front end – mounting on the body

A front-end module can be attached to the body in a few simple steps during final assembly. The front module is positioned on the front end of the vehicle and then bolted in place by the handling device. This creates undefined tolerances between the two components, which can be quickly and ideally compensated for with the help of WITOLs.

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WITOL Tolerance Compensation Solution

Spoiler –special challenge in assembly

A mechanical spoiler is particularly demanding in terms of assembly. The aim is for the spoiler to be fixed flush with the body when it is recessed. This is precisely where the difficulty lies, as both the mechanics and the spoiler are subject to tolerances, thus causing inaccuracies in two places. An additional challenge is that the spoiler can only be adjusted during assembly when the spoiler is closed.

The use of WITOLs can offer solutions here at various levels:

Since spoilers are usually relatively large, even small deviations from the zero position have a major impact. With a WITOL, tolerances can be compensated for and spoilers can be adapted to fit the car body precisely. The accuracy of fit is not only an optical factor, but also has a function with safety-relevant effects.

WITOL exterior parts

These WITOLs are used for body attachments

  • WITOL Basic

    Choose a freely available WITOL from our existing product range that perfectly fits your requirements. By selecting an existing fastening solution, development costs are eliminated, making even the implementation of exclusive quantities economical.

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  • WITOL Adjust

    With WITOL Adjust you have maximum flexibility in the assembly of individual components. The preset WITOL Adjust is pre-assembled on your component or the car body using individual connection concepts. Subsequently, you can align your component at the installation location and screw it as usual.

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  • WITOL Modular

    With WITOL Modular, you can easily put together your own fastening solution using our modular principle. In our configurator, you put together the parameters according to your requirements so that you can realize the ideal solution for your project.

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