Precise display mounting inside the vehicle interior

Bending-free mounting for optimum image quality

The increasing digitalization of the automotive industry is also increasing the proportion of electronic and multimedia components in vehicles. More and more cars are being equipped with multifunction displays which also take on functions as central control units. The screens used are very sensitive and must be mounted precisely in the vehicle interior. Due to the size of the component, numerous unwanted tolerances occur at connection points, and it is imperative to compensate for these in order to avoid undesirable artifacts. Artifacts can have a significant negative impact on image quality.

WITOLs ensure safe assembly without bending the sensitive components. Deviations and unclean edges in the interior are systematically avoided, thus enabling a perfect customer experience.

Display Assembly: Tolerance compensation system

These WITOLs are used for display assembly

  • WITOL Helix

    The WITOL Helix offers a fresh perspective on fastening solutions by eliminating friction between the screw and WITOL. It enables the precise installation of exterior door handles with efficient tolerance compensation and opens up scope for accurate positioning without additional axial forces.

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  • WITOL Modular

    With WITOL Modular, you can easily put together your own fastening solution using our modular principle. In our configurator, you put together the parameters according to your requirements so that you can implement the ideal solution for your project.

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  • WITOL Surface

    If a constant and flat distance between the surface and the fastening plane is required, the highly integrative WITOL Surface is used. The highly integrative fastening solutions with maximum process reliability are made possible by the innovative relocation of the functional area to the interior of the component structure.

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