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WITOL – From a creative idea to an innovative solution

The WITOL business division is part of WITTE Automotive. At the beginning of the 90s, the first tolerance compensation system was created as a creative idea by the technical managing director at that time. Then as now, the WITOL active principle sets new trends in product development and connects components with each other precisely and without stress. Since then, we have been optimizing the manufacturing processes of our customers all over the world.

Nowadays, WITOL is synonymous with tolerance compensation in automotive manufacturing and provides indispensable services from development to final assembly. Thanks to innovative ideas and reliability, our company has become a sought-after development partner in the industry. With technological know-how and a wide product range of system solutions, we inspire our automotive customers all over the world today.


Part of a modern and global family business

As part of WITTE Automotive, WITOL’s headquarters are located in Velbert. From there, our specialists passionately plan and develop tolerance compensation systems for a wide range of automotive applications. In addition, the Technical Competence Center and the Testing Center are also located at the headquarters of WITTE Automotive.

WITOLs are manufactured in our state-of-the-art production facilities in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and China.

High customer satisfaction through careful quality management

The demands on manufacturing in the automotive industry are constantly growing. Through our quality management, we can guarantee our customers an always reliable fastening solution due to detailed testing processes.

Versatile tests ensure the optimum product quality of the fastening solutions. In our test laboratories, the load capacity of WITOL tolerance compensation systems is analyzed and tested in detail. Salt spray tests determine the corrosion resistance of individual materials or their anti-corrosion coating. Continuous function tests measure our products and materials to detect even minimal changes in the micro range. In addition, tests for mechanical stress under climatic conditions are carried out in the climate chambers of our measurement laboratories.

Traditionally regional and sustainable

Environmentally conscious action is an integral part of our regionally oriented corporate policy. We take responsibility in dealing with our most important resources. This naturally includes the intensive integration of renewable energies, the limitation of emissions and increased investment in environmentally friendly technologies. The realization of our objectives is successfully implemented at our company through a committed, effective and efficient environmental management system.

To this end, we have introduced an environmental management system whose function is certified annually by independent auditors. You can read about our sustainability goals and measures in the WITTE Automotive sustainability report.

Sustainability Report WITTE Automotive


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