WITOL Connect

Innovative fastening solution for small installation space

The WITOL Connect is a tolerance compensation element that is used for particularly small installation spaces because it has a particularly small design. The central product component is a center collar bolt with threads on both sides (right/left) which is screwed into the threaded insert with the left-hand thread. This insert can then be used in a luminaire module, for example.

The WITOL Connect is driven by tightening a nut and thus automatically compensates for distances between components. The operating principle here differs from the other WITOLs, which are activated by means of a screw. However, as with every WITOL, the result is a process-safe connection.

WITOL connect Toleranzausgleich

Simplified assembly for larger modules

Another application of the WITOL Connect is the pre-positioning of larger modules, such as tail lights. The W420, which was specially developed for this purpose, compensates for the resulting tolerance without any screw connection at all and impresses with an innovative fastening solution using snap-in inserts.

Previously screwed-in bolts on the component are pushed into the WITOL Connect snap-in inserts and locked in the desired position. Since the insertion forces are significantly lower than the necessary extraction forces, this significantly simplifies handling during assembly. The locking inserts allow the positioning of the locked component to be adjusted subsequently by pulling it out. The component can then be finally fastened in the pre-set position.

Benefits overview

Rear Lamp Fixation Connect

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Where is the WITOL Connect used?
Application examples.


Tail lights are surrounded in their position by a large number of components where unwanted tolerances can occur during fastening. Precise pre-positioning is possible with the WITOL Connect.

Tolerance compensation on the roof rails

WITOL Connect is used in electromobility both for the external connection of the battery housing to the car body and for fastening the battery modules inside the battery housing:

Tolerance compensation for electromobility

The WITOL Connect can also be used for the attachment of charging flap modules. Due to the size and weight, there are larger tolerances with tailboard modules than with classic tank covers.

Tolerance compensation on the tailboard module

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