The compensating element for flexible use

The WITOL Helix convinces with a completely new operating principle and supplements the WITOL product family with another intelligent fastening solution. The WITOL Helix enables effective tolerance compensation without frictional forces between the screw and the WITOL, with the advantage that no additional axial forces arise here.
The WITOL Helix can be used either with a screw or alternatively with a stud bolt. When using a screw, the WITOL is pushed into the end position by the screw head. When using a stud bolt and nut, the nut pushes the WITOL into the end position.

the helix Toleranzausgleichelement

Helix operating principle

The WITOL Helix consists of two plastic halves and an external thread with a very high pitch. There is a generous thread play between the internal and external thread, which is necessary for the force-free axial compensation function of the WITOL Helix. The mating thread is found in the interface of the component to be connected. Inside the WITOL Helix is a metal Compression Limiter, which is essential for the transmission and maintenance of the pre-tensioning forces through low setting behaviour.

  1. Pre-assembly position

    In the pre-assembly position, there is an undefined distance between the two components to be connected. The WITOL Helix is already integrated into the interface.

  2. Screw connection

    By screwing in the bolt or tightening the nut in the case of assembly with stud bolts, the WITOL closes the gap between the two components.

  3. Activation of the tolerance compensation

    By applying the pre-tensioning force, the two plastic halves are displaced towards each other and create the tight fit in the interface.

  4. WITOL tolerance compensation

    At the same time, the pre-tensioning force is introduced between the bolt head or nut head, which holds the components to be joined together.

Ideal for FDH

The WITOL Helix is ideally suited for mounting flush exterior door handles. It enables precise positioning without additional axial forces, which means that the positioning accuracy is not impaired when screwing. This prevents deformations and ensures exact and permanent positioning. The functional principle of the WITOL Helix also opens up further fields of application where precise positioning is of great importance.

Special features of the WITOL Helix

  • Purely metallic transmission of the pre-tensioning force between the bolt head/nut and the interface to be connected
  • Reliable and durable connection is guaranteed
  • Low weight & robust structure
  • Suitable for blind bolting
  • Flexible application possibility – fixing with a screw or with a stud bolt
  • Screw can be integrated directly into the WITOL Helix on request

The WITOL Helix thus presents an innovative solution that enables effective tolerance compensation and creates a reliable connection with minimal frictional forces.

Benefits overview


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Where is the WITOL Helix used?
Application examples.


Flush exterior door handles play an important role in assessing vehicle quality. The WITOL Helix enables precise tolerance compensation, especially for this type of door handle.


Tolerance compensation for door modules

With the WITOL Helix, it is possible to achieve precise pre-positioning of headlights and rear lights, as they are surrounded by various construction elements where undesirable tolerances can occur during fastening.

Tolerance compensation in light and vision

The WITOL Helix can also be used to attach tailboard modules. Due to their size and weight, tailboard modules have larger tolerances than classic tank covers.


Tolerance compensation for cross car beam

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