Light & Vision

Automatic and manual tolerance compensation

The fixation of headlights and taillights requires the highest precision, because even the smallest deviations in the millimeter range can lead to unclean gaps. WITOL Adjust adjustment elements enable an exact alignment of the components in order to bring them into the desired final position after screwing.

In addition to the position correction by means of the fixing screw, the freezing (freeze) of the headlamp position is possible due to the fixable tolerance position adjustment. With WITOL tolerance compensation elements, unclean edges on the components to be connected are systematically avoided, cycle times are optimized, and assembly processes are simplified even in complex installation situations.

WITOL light and vision

Tolerance compensation through exact blind compensation

Headlamps are surrounded in their position by a large number of components on which unwanted mounting tolerances can occur. Precise mounting is necessary for a stress-free and aesthetic appearance of the vehicle. The use of WITOLs also allows blind compensation of tolerances that may occur when installing in inadequate places or closed spaces.


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WITOL headlamp fixation

Application examples

WITOL head lamp