Light & Vision

Automatic and manual tolerance compensation

The fixation of headlights and taillights requires the highest precision, because even the smallest deviations in the millimeter range can lead to unclean gaps. WITOL Adjust adjustment elements enable an exact alignment of the components in order to bring them into the desired final position after screwing.

In addition to the position correction by means of the fixing screw, the freezing (freeze) of the headlamp position is possible due to the fixable tolerance position adjustment. With WITOL tolerance compensation elements, unclean edges on the components to be connected are systematically avoided, cycle times are optimized, and assembly processes are simplified even in complex installation situations.

WITOL light and vision

Tolerance compensation through exact blind compensation

Headlamps are surrounded in their position by a large number of components on which unwanted mounting tolerances can occur. Precise mounting is necessary for a stress-free and aesthetic appearance of the vehicle. The use of WITOLs also allows blind compensation of tolerances that may occur when installing in inadequate places or closed spaces.


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WITOL headlamp fixation

Current trends create new requirements for tolerance compensation

More screw points for headlights

Headlights are becoming larger and heavier because of the constant evolving technology, such as automatic high beam and selective lighting. Due to the increased weight, the headlamps tend to have natural vibrations, which can then result in trembling of the light cone. In order to avoid this, the number of necessary attachment points for luminaires is increased to 4 or more. This has consequences for the implementation of the mounting. If there are more than 3 screw points, it is necessary to design additional screw points variably in order to ensure precise alignment of the headlights.

 Expansion with Lightbeam tail lights

The continuous Lightbeam design is currently very popular for taillights. Due to their size, Lightbeam taillights are even more tolerance-critical than regular lights. In addition, expansion due to the influence of temperature caused by direct sunlight must be taken into account with the increasingly large taillights. Precise fitting and tension-free mounting is therefore particularly important.

The use of WITOLs can solve the current challenge of tolerance positions in the area of light & vision in a process-safe manner.

Rear Lamp Fixation

These WITOLs are used for light & vision

  • WITOL Adjust

    With the WITOL Adjust setting elements, you have maximum flexibility in the assembly of individual components. The pre-set WITOL Adjust is pre-mounted on your component or the car body using individual connection concepts. Subsequently, you can align your component at the installation location and screw it as usual.

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  • WITOL Connect

    The WITOL Connect is a sealed system and designed for wet-dry room sealing. It consists of an insertion bolt and a locking sleeve (force-locking insertion system). The bolt is pushed into a locking sleeve and the system generates a clamping force.

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  • WITOL Basic

    The WITOL Basic is an established and standardized fastening system, which is also used in the field of light & vision. It is characterized by high robustness and process reliability, and has proven itself in a wide range of applications. WITOL Basic can also be used in addition to WITOL Adjust products as a supplementary support point.

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Your individual project – our innovative solution!

With WITOL Individual, you receive a fastening solution that is 100 percent customized to your application and interface. We execute your project from the initial concept to series production. In doing so, we precisely implement your specifications and develop custom-made special solutions for you. You benefit from our many years of experience and expertise in the field of tolerance compensation systems.

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