Assembly of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning technology

Fastening the interior air conditioning

The HVAC unit is located behind the dashboard of the vehicle and must be precisely attached to it. A screw connection of the two components is subject to tolerances and is therefore unfavorable. Tolerances can lead to noticeable vibrations on the dashboard. These vibrations can in turn generate disruptive noises in the vehicle interior. Further screw points exist between the end wall and the firewall – the additional support not only ensures better fastening, but also eliminates unwanted vibrations.

By using WITOLs, the HVAC unit is firmly connected to the dashboard without stress. The use of WITOLs compensates for the tolerances between the HVAC unit and the dashboard, and at the same time prevents the occurrence of vibrations.

WITOL Toleranzausgleichelemente für HVAC

These WITOLs are used with the HVAC unit

  • WITOL Basic

    Choose a freely available WITOL from our existing product range that perfectly fits your requirements. By selecting an existing fastening solution, development costs are eliminated, making even the implementation of exclusive quantities economical.

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  • WITOL Modular

    With WITOL Modular, you can easily put together your own fastening solution using our modular principle. In our configurator, you put together the parameters according to your requirements so that you can realize the ideal solution for your project.

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  • WITOL Pure

    We have developed WITOL Pure for simple leveling. The proven WITOL operating principle has been further simplified by reducing the number of components. The WITOL Pure is a cost-optimized compensation element and is used when components are to be positioned positively to each other.

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