Glass Roof

Precise fixation of the target position with WITOL

The WITOL tolerance compensation system ensures perfect positioning of the glass roof in the vehicle structure. Glass roofs are very large and rigid components on which high tolerances can occur when they are connected to the car body. These tolerances and tensions between the components can even lead to breakage in glass components under certain circumstances.

With the use of the WITOLs, the glass roof is precisely fastened in the specified structure. Possible tolerances at critical points are compensated flush with surface. The optimal course of the gap also benefits the aerodynamic properties of the vehicle.

WITOL sun roof fixation

Ideal for blind compensation

The highly restricted installation space for glass roofs makes it an additional challenge during assembly. WITOLs are designed for fastening glass roofs and fit perfectly into the roof structure. In this way, automatic tolerance compensation takes place in a process-safe manner, even with very limited installation space. In addition, this enables the glass roof to be installed with blind compensation, i.e. the component is screwed into place without visual inspection.

WITOL roof rail fixation

These WITOLs are used for the glass roof

  • WITOL Surface

    If a constant and flat distance between the surface and the screw-on plane is required, the highly integrative WITOL Surface is used. This is made possible by the innovative relocation of the functional area to the interior of the component structure.

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  • WITOL Connect

    The WITOL Connect is a tolerance compensation element that is used for particularly small installation space requirements and is ideal for pre-positioning of larger modules.

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  • WITOL Basic

    Choose a freely available WITOL from our existing product range that perfectly fits your requirements. By selecting an existing fastening solution, development costs are eliminated, making even the implementation of exclusive quantities economical.

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