Product Advantages

Higher productivity & lower costs.
The advantages of WITOL at a glance.

WITOL® in construction
  • Higher component tolerances and lower tooling costs
  • Simplified and cost-effective design and parts manufacturing
  • Use for assembly sites that are difficult to access
  • Support for modular construction
WITOL® in production
  • Can be pre-assembled on the unit
  • Corrective action avoidance
  • Higher clock frequency
  • Support for robot assembly
  • Bending-free mounting
WITOL® in the end product
  • High manufacturing quality
  • Precise gap dimensions
  • Recyclable
  • High stiffnesses

More efficiency in the product development process

Fastening solutions from WITOL ensure more efficiency in the entire product development process. Tolerances already recognized during development as well as the intelligent use of tolerance compensation elements drastically reduce the “Engineered Hours per Vehicle”. An advantage that pays off down to the last screwdriver revolution on the assembly line. The use of WITOL tolerance compensation systems simplify production steps in a meaningful way, so that no time-consuming readjustment on the vehicle is necessary.

WITOL Product development process

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