Door Modules

Fastening flush door handles

The door handle is a car component that is constantly being touched, thus making a decisive contribution to the quality perception of the vehicle. Especially in the case of flush-mounted exterior door handles, inaccurate positioning is immediately apparent. By using WITOLs, tolerances on the outside door handle can be compensated for without stress or deformation, so that the component is positioned in the door with an optimum gap profile. This advantage is particularly effective for flush-mounted exterior door handles.

Manual adjustment before and after bolting with WITOL Adjust

By using WITOL Adjust adjusting elements, the external door handle can also be adjusted flexibly at a later date. In doing so, the attached adjusting element has no influence on the pretensioning forces of the connection. Thus, the component can be individually positioned and fixed before and after the screw connection. Assembly processes and readjustments are thus simplified, even in complex installation situations.

WITOL door modules

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WITOL flush door handles

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