Door Modules

Fastening flush exterior door handles

The door handle is a component that is touched directly on initial contact and then again and again, thus making a decisive contribution to the quality perception of the vehicle. Precise positioning is indispensable, especially for flush exterior door handles, because even the smallest inaccuracies are immediately noticeable here. By using WITOLs, tolerances on the exterior door handle can be compensated for without tension or deformation, so that the component is positioned in the door with an optimum gap profile.

Increased complexity due to electronic components

Flush external door handles are also increasingly being equipped with additional electromechanical functions, such as electrical retraction and extension. This additionally increases the complexity of the components and thus also the associated tolerance chains. If a tolerance compensation element is used for fastening, this ensures exact fitting accuracy and flushness. The tolerances are reliably compensated and a perfect end result is achieved.

Door modules

Manual adjustment before and after bolting with WITOL Adjust

By using WITOL Adjust setting elements, you have maximum flexibility when mounting individual components. Thus, the external door handles can be aligned at the installation location and screwed as usual. In doing so, the attached adjusting element has no influence whatsoever on the preload forces of the connection, and the external door handle can also be flexibly adjusted at a later date.

The ability to adjust the component individually before and after bolting simplifies assembly processes, even in complex installation situations.


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WITOL flush door handles

These WITOLs are used for the door modules

  • WITOL Adjust

    With the WITOL Adjust you have the highest flexibility in mounting flush door handles. The pre-set WITOL Adjust is pre-assembled to the component. You can then screw your component and subsequently align it at the installation location without loosening the screw connection.

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  • WITOL Modular

    With WITOL Modular, you can easily put together your own fastening solution according to the modular principle. In our configurator, you put together the parameters according to your requirements so that you can implement the ideal solution for your area of application.

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  • WITOL Helix

    The new WITOL Helix uses a completely new principle of action, which is extremely effective when installing flush-mounted exterior door handles.

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