Cross Car Beam

Cross Car Beam fixation

To ensure the highest precision, our tolerance compensation systems are used for mounting the cross car beam. In order to be optimally connected to the body, the already assembled component must be positioned with millimeter precision at the screw connection points during assembly. Due to the considerable size of the support structure, high tolerances are created when the two components are joined at the screw points.

Safe and precise tolerance compensation even with blind assembly

The particular challenge in the assembly of the module cross member and body is the bolting of the two components. Since the screw points are not completely visible, the two components have to be joined together by so-called blind assembly. The use of WITOL tolerance compensation systems therefore ensures carefree and precise assembly, reliably compensates for deviations at the screw points with tolerances and thus optimizes the entire production process.


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WITOL Cross car beam fixation

Application examples

WITOL Cross Car Beam fixation
WITOL Cros Car Beam fixation details