Application Overview

One system. Many applications.

The flexible tolerance compensation system WITOL is developed individually for each customer depending on the application. Wherever two components have to be precisely joined, challenges arise due to tolerances. Thus, our intelligent fastening systems are already in use today in a large number of automotive applications:

Roof Rail

WITOLs offer great advantages when mounting the roof rails. The component can be bolted manually or automatically with the help of our solution, whereby WITOLs offer a robust solution, especially when installation space is limited.

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WITOLs significantly facilitate the installation of bumpers and front ends. Components can be joined flush, tension-free and bending-free using our tolerance compensation systems.

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Battery & eMobility

WITOLs compensate for tolerances in existing and future generations of electric vehicles. Our proven technology is used, for example, in high-voltage batteries, displays, sensors and exterior door handles.

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Light & Vision

By using WITOLs, headlights can be fixed precisely. In addition, freezing (freeze) of a specific headlight position is also possible due to the fixable tolerance position setting.

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Exterior Parts

By using WITOL tolerance compensation systems, exterior parts are fixed with millimeter precision and the cycle time in production is reduced.

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When fixing displays, WITOLs ensure tension-free connections of the sensitive components. In the worst case, improper fixing can lead to unwanted artifacts and significantly affect the image quality.

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Sun Roof

The use of WITOLs ensures the correct positioning of glass lift or panorama roofs in the roof construction space. In addition, WITOLs enable so-called blind compensation, i.e. bolting without visual inspection.

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Door Modules

WITOLs precisely compensate for tolerances on the door module and in the outer door handle. Components are joined without tension or deformation. Exterior door handles are fastened flush with the surface.

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By using WITOL tolerance compensation systems, the tolerances between the HVAC unit and the instrument panel are precisely compensated, eliminating unwanted vibrations.

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Cross Car Beam

During installation, WITOLs are particularly helpful for deliberately undersizing the components so that the instrument panel can be joined. The joining gaps are then precisely compensated.

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Charging Port Module

The charging port module is a complex component that is bolted from the inside of the vehicle. For a flush appearance, the painted cover flap must be aligned flush with the outer skin of the body.

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