WITOL Lightweight

Our solution for lightweight constructions

WITOL Lightweight are always used when weight is a particularly critical factor. They are ideally suited for use with defined pretensioning forces in assembly. Due to the product design, the fastening solutions are largely to completely made of high-strength and heat-resistant special plastics, which makes the weight even lower compared to other materials and solutions. WITOL Lightweight can be equipped with individual shaping and integration of special functions according to customer requirements and thus be adapted exactly to your application.

WITOL Lightweight advantages at a glance:

  • Low weight
  • Made of high-strength and heat-resistant special plastics
  • Individually adaptable to the production process
  • No corrosion issue (contact corrosion)
  • High preload force can be transmitted
WITOL Lightweight Toleranzausgleich

WITOL Lightweight: Ideal for Mixed Materials

In mixed materials, different materials and composites are married together.  In this case, conventional joining methods such as welding and riveting can no longer be used because the new materials are not suitable for them, as is the case with aluminum or steel, for example. Also, a process-safe joining of metal and fiber composites cannot be achieved with conventional methods.

WITOL Lightweight elements join different materials precisely and without tension. Another advantage is that contact corrosion cannot occur due to the plastic elements. The Lightweight Elements are also excellently suited as an additional support function and score here with their weight advantage over conventional fastening solutions. When designing the adaptation to the corresponding interface, the WITOL Lightweight is also flexible, thanks to our experience we can develop a 100% customized solution.

Benefits overview

WITOL Tolerance Compensation Solution

Learn more about the advantages of WITOL:

Where is the WITOL Lightweight used?
Application examples.


WITOL Lightweight allow tension- and deformation-free assembly and positionally accurate placement of body add-on parts such as bumpers and spoilers.

Tolerance compensation for exterior parts

Headlights are surrounded in their position by a large number of structural elements where unwanted tolerances can occur during attachment. Precise mounting is possible with WITOL Lightweight.

Tolerance compensation for light & Vision

Displays are very sensitive and must be mounted precisely in the vehicle interior. WITOL Lightweight elements ensure safe and tension-free mounting of the sensitive components.

Tolerance compensation for displays

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With WITOL Individual, you receive a fastening solution that is 100% customized to your application and interface. We realize your project from the initial concept to serial production. In doing so, we precisely implement your specifications and develop custom-made special solutions for you. In doing so, you benefit from our years of experience and expertise in the field of tolerance compensation systems.

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