Battery Fixation

Proven fastening solutions for high-voltage batteries

The high-voltage battery is considered the heart of electric vehicles and must be integrated in the overall concept of the car body in the best possible way. By using WITOL tolerance compensation systems, the comparatively large components are connected to the car body precisely and without deformation. This is of great importance, since the partially structuring components have an influence on the entire vehicle’s geometry. Furthermore, during the assembly of sensitive electronic components, even the smallest deformations can lead to severe impairment of the function. The use of WITOLs also leads to a simplified assembly process and a significant reduction in assembly times.

Safe and proven tolerance compensation for battery fixation

WITOLs are used both for the external connection of the battery case to the body and for fastening the battery modules inside the battery case.

For the external connection, WITOL has developed particularly robust tolerance compensation systems that precisely compensate for deviations according to the conventional principle of action. With our mounting solutions, the high-voltage battery is firmly and securely connected to the car body. For the internal connection, the WITOL also compensates for the gap between the module and the housing flange without stress or deformation.

Cost savings through innovative tolerance compensation

When assembling battery modules, the tolerance compensation systems are not only used for the purpose of fastening. Thanks to innovative products developed by WITOL, the use of coolant (liquid gap filler) in the battery can be sustainably reduced. This leads to a significant saving of the cost-intensive coolant and at the same time reduces the weight as well as the cycle times. In addition, significantly improved thermal conductivity and thus optimized cooling performance can be achieved. In addition, the performance and service life of the installed battery cells are increased.


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