Product Advantages

Cost Optimization

Cost reduction through effective tolerance management

Through anticipatory tolerance management and the targeted use of WITOLs, components can be deliberately toleranced more generously even at the planning stage. This allows greater component tolerances in the production of individual parts, which in turn enables cost-optimized manufacturing. In this way, our end customers can exploit the full cost optimization potential as early as the procurement of the individual parts in their supply chain.

WITOL optimized production times

Cost optimization thanks to shorter assembly times

By using WITOL fastening solutions, our customers additionally achieve significant savings in final assembly. The use of WITOL tolerance compensation systems reduces assembly times and thus minimizes the costs of your manufacturing process. They can be directly integrated into already existing manufacturing processes and the supply technology used. WITOL enables assembly independent of the worker and, thus, a consistent quality of the end product.

WITOL optimized total costs

Optimized total costs

We plan, develop and implement your 100 percent customized fastening solution in order to reduce overall costs. In doing so, we offer you the appropriate solutions, economically even for exclusive quantities.

WITOL meets the very high quality requirements of the automotive industry – we guarantee process reliability. Time-consuming and cost-intensive reworking can thus be eliminated.