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Intelligent Fastening Systems

On the road with WITOL - small components that make the difference

The most important facts in brief

  • Many new challenges arise in the automotive industry
  • Tolerance compensation systems are as large as necessary and as small as possible
  • New characteristics of cars can be well supported with systems from WITOL and are in the focus of development

A long day is behind Jan Bente and Philip Weinberger. On the agenda was a visit to a well-known German car manufacturer. The mission of the WITOL employees: to develop individual solutions with which component installation – from fittings to door handles – runs precisely, smoothly and cost-effectively. This is made possible by tolerance compensation systems that are as large as necessary and as small as possible.

What’s inside?

The knowledge and experience of many centuries. And also the future. With a view to all the new challenges that are emerging in the automotive industry in particular. Cars are becoming lighter and quieter, properties that can be well supported by WITOL systems and are the focus of development.


WITOL Tolerance Compensation Solution

Not only visually a perfect match

Of course, everyone is aware: “A car has four tires, a steering wheel. But ‘WITOLs’…?” When the advantages are presented, and there are some, manufacturers look more closely, knows Product Developer Jan Bente. If the customer includes WITOL in the planning right from the start, it is the ideal case for the team from Velbert. “In the development phase, we can offer the most optimal solutions.” Visible components such as headlights can be integrated and adjusted in the body, initially in simulation. In realization, not only a visually successful thing, as the experts point out, but also highly functional. “Our systems guarantee rapid installation or even replacement, independent of tools,” Weinberger emphasizes. This not only saves a lot of time, but also money.




So was the mission successful?

The Manager Sales Team Philip Weinberger is confident. After all, innovation impulses today come primarily from suppliers. And: “Producers from the automotive industry worldwide have long trusted our technology.”