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Successful start of production: New production site for WITOL in China

In Kunshan, WITOL has successfully opened a new location for local production in China. The local representation will enable us to react even more flexibly and quickly to customer needs in China in the future. The world's largest automotive market is particularly important for our growth strategy, so WITOL is already planning to expand the product portfolio at the Kunshan site.

WITOL team China

The most important in a nutshell:

  • Production start in Kunshan: New site in China celebrates first delivery from local production
  • Successful certification: Quality assurance at new site through ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 (LoC)
  • Next steps: Further machine installations for the production of a growing product portfolio are planned in the short term

Start of production in Kunshan

The importance of the Chinese market for the German automotive industry has always been enormous. For WITOL, too, China marks a very important market. We are all the happier to be able to celebrate the start of production at our new location in Kunshan. This took place immediately after the virtual C2 acceptance. The location of the new site also offers an excellent infrastructure – not only are both airports in Shanghai in the immediate vicinity, but several fast train connections are also available.

In the presence of the complete WITOL China team, the first batch of WITOLe was produced by the production manager in the new state-of-the-art building complex. With this important milestone, we are ringing in the year 2021!

Successful certifications after initial audit

The localization project in China celebrated yet another success. Our WITOL plant in Kunshan (WKC) was able to achieve two certifications after the initial audit. These are ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 (LoC):

  • ISO 9001: This standard in quality management, which is widespread across countries, deals with the minimum requirements that a company’s internal QM entails. The certification attests that WITOL complies with the standard. At the certified site, for example, emphasis is demonstrably placed on regular process optimization. As a result, orders can always be improved and work processes accelerated.
  • IATF 16949: The International Automotive Task Force certification is an important certification in the automotive industry. It enables us to prove that our quality standards and cost-effectiveness meet the highest requirements. Here, too, the focus is on continuous optimization. Certification gives many companies a competitive advantage, which we also aim to exploit at our Kunshan site.

Growth before the end of the year: further installations planned

The successful initial audit including double certification and the successful start of production set the course for future projects in China. This year, further machine installations are already planned, which perfectly fit WITOL’s growth strategy. This will enable us to expand our local production as quickly as possible and soon offer a broad product portfolio made in China.

WITOL thanks staff for work on the project

A big thank you for the realization of the complex project goes to the entire WITTE Automotive team, which helped to implement this strategically important project in Kunshan. The aim is to continue to pull together and work together as a team on site in China.


Good prospects for 2021 (not only) at the new site

The starting signal for a broad product portfolio that will be manufactured at our plant in China from 2021 has been given with our Kunshan site. The successful start of production and the first delivery are initial, important milestones. We look forward to further growth and successful cooperation with all colleagues.