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Intelligent Fastening Systems

WITOL Pure: cost-optimized tolerance compensation based on the proven operating principle

The most important in a nutshell

  • WITOL Pure is another innovation in the field of Intelligent Fastening Solutions
  • Cost-optimized compensation element thanks to reduced number of components and use of plastics
  • High compatibility and functional reliability
  • Proven and highly efficient WITOL operating principle
The new WITOL Pure Tolerance compensation element

The new WITOL Pure was deliberately designed for the pure compensation function. The new cost-optimized fastening element is based on the proven WITOL operating principle. At the same time, WITOL Pure is process-safe, highly efficient and scores additional points thanks to its low total weight.

Continuous innovation: The tolerance compensation element WITOL Pure

The new tolerance compensation element WITOL Pure ensures that individual components can be positioned positively to each other. Due to the simple design and a reduced number of components, the WITOL Pure concentrates on pure tolerance compensation. Of course, the proven WITOL operating principle is used, so that tolerances between two components are automatically compensated for in the bolting process. The WITOL Pure is a pure plastic element with an integrated steel nut. This is a tried and tested standard part that is highly compatible with most screw connections.

Advantages of WITOL Pure

Thanks to the deliberate focus on tolerance compensation, the WITOL Pure operates with a significantly reduced number of components – resulting in considerable cost optimization potential. The use of a plastic compensating element also results in a weight advantage, which has an additional positive effect on the overall concept. In addition, the integrated flange nut makes the WITOL Pure compatible with most screw connections.

Conclusion: Efficient, cost-optimized, and versatile

The WITOL Pure can be used wherever components are to be positioned positively to each other and pure tolerance compensation is sufficient. The WITOL Pure is therefore suitable, among other things, for interior elements, module supports or overdetermined fastening points.

The WITOL Pure generates positive cost effects in the overall concept – even with smaller quantities – We would be happy to advise you on your planned project.