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Intelligent Fastening Systems

More than just connecting

The most important facts in brief

  • customer-centric approach and customised solutions
  • installation space analysis for optimal tolerance compensation
  • integration of additional functions - more than just tolerance compensation

With the Customer Centric Approach, our main focus is on our customers, and we offer exactly the individual solutions that fit the corresponding application and interface! To this end, we work very closely with our customers to gain a good understanding of the respective installation situation and challenge – and this is best done directly on site!

Recognising challenges – developing innovative solutions!

In the world of product development, installation space plays a decisive role. Through conscientious analysis, we manage to get an exact idea of the conditions in the individual application, and thus integrate our tolerance compensation solutions in the best possible way. This is particularly important in cases where the customer has not planned sufficient space for our WITOLs. Of course, the focus is always on cost-optimised use of the available installation space with flexibly adaptable connection points.

Joint analysis of all potentials

The holistic approach we take is important for our customers. Thus, we not only take care of the pure tolerance compensation, but also analyse together with our customers whether an integration of additional functions is also useful for the product.

Here, for example, would be the integration of the screw into the component to ensure that it is available in the assembly process and cannot get lost during blind assembly.

Another option for integrating additional functionality could be acoustic decoupling, as there is a susceptibility to vibrations when two components are connected. This is an opportunity to also reduce the unwanted noise with the connection technology.

The close cooperation with our customers enables us to use these additional functions in a targeted manner and thus optimally design the assembly processes. Through continuous adjustments and improvements, we ensure an efficient end product.


Customised solutions – more than just a standard portfolio

Our focus is on the development of customised solutions. In addition to our extensive standard portfolio, we focus on flexibility and adaptability in order to meet our customers’ requirements. In addition, we like to use our know-how to develop new products with our customers and to continuously develop ourselves further.