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Cost Optimization

Cost optimization with WITOL

The most important in a nutshell

  • WITOL focuses on cost optimization right from the start
  • Component tolerances can be consciously accepted already in the planning phase
  • Costs for component production decrease
  • WITOLs safely and reliably compensate for the tolerances of the individual components
  • Assembly and production times are shortened
  • There is no need for rework
WITOL intelligent tolerance compensation systems

Besides the demand for highest quality, cost optimization is also an important aspect in the automotive industry. By using WITOL tolerance compensation elements, considerable costs can be saved in the manufacturing process. At the same time, the quality of the final product is ensured by the precise and stress-free connection of the add-on parts to the car body. Even during the planning phase, components can be generously toleranced and production steps can be simplified. Time and money are thus saved right up to final assembly – with maximum safety and the avoidance of time-consuming reworking.

Maximum efficiency through effective tolerance compensation

Our customers want a high level of safety and efficiency in tolerance compensation systems. We can guarantee these through optimized manufacturing processes that also meet the maximum quality requirements of automotive manufacturers.

We take over the planning and implementation of your individually required fastening solution, taking into account the total costs. In doing so, we keep an eye on the costs of individual components as well as their assembly and production times. Compared to conventional fastening options, you benefit from significant savings.

Advantages in every phase

In every phase – from development to design and production to the final product – WITOL helps to realize cost potentials!

  1. Planning & Development

Our customers can save as early as the design stage for add-on parts. During the planning phase, components can be deliberately toleranced more generously. This has a direct effect on costs.

  1. Manufacturing

The use of WITOL tolerance compensation elements makes assembly as easy as possible for our customers. The components are connected precisely and stress-free, the tolerances of the various attachments are automatically compensated – in just one work step. Even in challenging installation situations, such as blind assembly, WITOLs score points due to their easy handling.

  1. final product

The fast and robust assembly of add-on parts and bodywork manifests itself in perfect joint patterns and reliable component connections. The highest quality demands on the end product can thus be fully met.

Advantages at a glance

✔️ Reduced assembly times

✔️ Reduced production costs for add-on parts

✔️ Optimized tolerance chains

✔️ Stress-free connections of components

✔️ Integration into existing manufacturing processes possible

✔️ Optimized total costs

Conclusion: Customized solutions for maximum cost savings

Using WITOL solutions, you meet the highest standards in the modern automotive industry – and optimize overall costs at the same time. Decide now for an individual tolerance compensation system or choose one of the proven WITOL Basic for a variety of applications!