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Exact alignment of the headlamp using WITOL


The most important in a nutshell

  • Headlamps require very precise and careful installation
  • Tolerances often occur in areas that are difficult or impossible to see and require blind assembly
  • Suitable tolerance compensation systems can be used in all areas of the headlamps
  • WITOLs allow exact alignment to the surrounding components
  • High expertise in headlamps: WITOLs should be considered from the very beginning of the development process.
WITOL head lamp

Good visibility at all times when driving – this is achieved, among other things, with correctly positioned headlamps. But precise installation has its pitfalls: headlamps are surrounded by several components with tolerances that make exact positioning difficult. Even the smallest deviations can cause unclean gaps, stresses in the components and functional impairments. On the other hand, the headlamp is an important design element and has a major influence on the quality impression of the vehicle. An optimal solution is created by the intelligent tolerance compensation systems of WITOL, which are already included in the assembly process from the beginning.

High requirements for the assembly of headlamp

Even careful mounting of headlamps can lead to problems in practice. The rule of thumb when installing headlights is to position them in the so-called “three-country corner”: the headlamp must be at an identical distance from the front module as well as from the fender and hood. If you unknowingly deviate from the specification by just a few millimeters during installation, the result can be an unclean gap. This in turn sometimes impairs the fixation as well as the exact position of the headlamps, which play a decisive role in driving safety. Of course, as a result of the installation, internal adjustment must also be possible in order to individually align the headlamp in the car. The use of WITOLs is therefore recommended for installation in the correct position with tolerance compensation.

Headlamp: WITOLs in use

By using WITOLs, the headlamp can be aligned precisely and to the last millimeter. Various WITOLs can be used for headlamp installation:

WITOL 401.326:

By using this WITOL Basic, the resulting tolerances are compensated for quite automatically. Pre-assembly is carried out with the aid of a special geometry that can be clipped into the interface. The headlamp is then screwed to the body without stress. During the screw connection, the respective elements remain firmly and securely in position.


The mode of operation of this WITOL is comparable to that of the WITOL Basic. However, this WITOL uses a snap nut as a fastening element. The WITOL 363 has its own nut thread and can thus be used flexibly on the headlamp. A welding or press-in nut on the mating component is no longer necessary. The thickness depends on the respective interface, can be freely selected and is between 0.8 and four millimeters. Suitable interface materials include plastics, composites, light metal or steel. The WITOL 363 is pre-assembled by simply pushing it on via a through hole. After screwing, the WITOL holds the position stress-free and ensures a fixed position.

WITOL 398: Adjusting element

A simple hole describes the interface required for fixing the WITOL Adjust setting element. The adjusting element is securely pre-fixed with a union nut. Subsequently, only a simple screw needs to be tightened for installation – it is thus a common screw connection to be made manually. The special feature is the possibility to carry out an adjustment process after successful assembly. To do this, simply turn the adjustment crown of the WITOL Adjust – the screw does not have to be loosened for this adjustment.

Tip: In order to optimize the adjustment process, the WITOL element can already be delivered as a “best fit variant” with the desired presettings. In this way, the assembly process can be additionally optimized.

Your advantages with WITOL

WITOL’s tolerance compensation systems help you avoid unclean edges and an imprecise gap when installing headlights. Even complex installation situations can be simplified by the intelligent systems and the quick assembly option. The use of WITOLs in the headlamp sector has become indispensable for many customers. Even blind compensation of tolerances is possible with our systems without any problems: Even if assembly work is required in areas that cannot be seen or in inadequate locations, the WITOLs precisely compensate for the tolerances. A stress-free and gap-free position of the headlamp can thus be ensured at all times.

Conclusion: Reliable tolerance compensation systems for headlamp assembly

WITOL’s years of expertise in headlamp positioning and mounting allows you to find the perfect fastening solution for your project. In addition to the presented tolerance compensation and adjustment elements, we can develop 100 percent individual fastening systems to meet your requirements.

Also take a look at the various installation elements, such as the Adjust adjustment element in our video: