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WITOL solution: Safe fastening of cross car beams

The most important in a nutshell

  • Large module components, positioning accurate to the millimeter, and often required blind assembly where high tolerances must be compensated for
  • Achieving the optimum end position through the use of WITOLs
  • Assembly process is quick and easy, even with blind assembly
WITOL Cros Car Beam fixation details

The exact position of components at the respective bolting points must be ensured in all areas of a vehicle, whereby the fastening of cross car beams is particularly challenging. WITOLs solve this challenge confidently in the assembly process.

Precise cross car beam fastening: The challenge

The cross car beam and car body are bolted together absolutely securely and extremely precisely in a special assembly process. Due to the size of the cross car beam, this often proves to be a challenge: unavoidable and relatively high tolerances must be perfectly compensated for during bolting.

Another problem is the blind assembly. This is because the screw points between the cross car beam and the vehicle body are not fully visible and the connection must be made without a direct view of the screw connection points.

Securely connect cross car beam and body: The solution

WITOL tolerance compensation systems for cross car beams address the problem and find solutions for safe installation accurate to the millimeter. The WITOLs are particularly helpful for cross car beams due to the deliberate undersizing of components. This allows the instrument panel to be better positioned in the body in white. The high tolerances at the screw points and resulting joint gaps are reliably compensated for in just one single step.

Our claim, your advantages

Rely on the highest quality of our fastening solution. All WITOLs are subject to the strictest controls and undergo a functional test before they leave our factory. In the course of development, extensive tests are of course also carried out on corrosion resistance and behavior under various climatic conditions.