Sun Roof

Precise fixation of the target position with WITOL

The tolerance compensation system from WITOL ensures optimum positioning of the panoramic or sliding roof in the vehicle. Glass roofs are very large components on which high tolerances can occur when they are connected to the car body. With the help of WITOLe, the component is precisely fixed in the specified structure. Possible tolerances at critical points are compensated for flush with the surface. The aerodynamic properties of the vehicle are supported by the optimum gap profile.

Due to the limited installation space for glass roofs, it is an additional challenge to integrate tolerance compensation systems. WITOLs for mounting panorama and sliding roofs are specially optimized for this application and fit perfectly into the roof structure. In addition, the assembly of the glass roof is made possible with blind compensation, i.e. the screw fastening of the component without visual inspection.

WITOL sun roof fixation

Application examples

WITOL Surface